Evo 8 turbo is a simple device, there is an aluminium mesh and in this aluminium mesh there will be a tube that runs parallel through it all the way down and it is going to come in with hot water and with cold water. That’s done by air feeding through them, there are aluminium fins attached all to the tubes which give the appearance of aluminium mesh. When the air passes through it cools these aluminium fins, which are connected to the tubes.

The tubes are full of coolants which are going to be very hot from the engine so they give off heat to the aluminium which gets cooled by the air. So, the coolant comes out cooler than it entered and then goes back to the engine. The Evo x part radiator is set in the back of the car and the coolant runs through. When the car starts, the coolant runs through the engine and when that warms up it passes through the radiator and cools down and then goes back into the engine. When the engine starts its cold so there is the thermostat.

When the coolant runs through it looks at the temperature of it. When the temperature gets too high and the engine is warmed up then it passes the coolant through the radiator and then it will come cool through the radiator. The cool fluid comes back to the water pump and then it gets pumped out back into the engine.

When the heater is on it is going to open up the valve and allow the coolant to come in. It’s going to come through another radiator and it’s going to blow a fan on that and the air passing over this is going to heat up and then go into the car. Now that’s going to come out and then it’s going to cool that coolant and it will go straight back to the water pump and reticulate through the engine.


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