The great thing about Bluetooth headset for hearing impaired is that even though it uses substantially more battery power, the individual can get immediate access to these phones. So, there’s no need to use an intermediary device or streamer. Bluetooth is becoming pretty much a standard in hearing aids. Wireless technology is about everywhere and today it is widely used. It allows people to do a lot of cool things like streaming from phone, TV or computers straight.

A number of the best Bluetooth hearing aids are Phonak sound B-direct, this came out in 2017 and the great thing about it’s that it’s made for any telephones. It allows to flow phone calls if it’s out of an iPhone or an android phone, but it only streams it into one ear at a time. And during that time, streaming other websites like music or videos is not possible. It allows somebody to stream music straight from the TV however TV connector box is needed. For more information please visit According to

Starkey haloiQ, it’s but one of the first Bluetooth pioneers back in 2014. Together with their own trulink program they allow streaming into both ears and also have a bunch of different characteristics inside of the program that can be used directly with the hearing aids including control quantity, control apps, adjusting the listening environment etc.,. The only drawback to it is that it simply works together with the iPhone, it does not serve much of functionality to get android phones. There is not any streaming with android mobiles.

Next is the Oticon opn hearing aid, it is compatible both with iPhones and android device. It does not allow android telephones to stream directly. Afterwards, Oticon opn connect clip has been accomplished which gives entry to android telephones to stream phone calls and audio. Last is that the resound Linx 3D, among the pioneers in the connectivity straight with an iPhone.


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